Saturday, 19 March 2016

Donald Trump; To what extent is the regressive-left responsible for his rise?

The success of Donald Trump in the Republican primaries has shocked the electorate and political commentators alike. His rise has been widely attributed to the anti-establishment feeling that has swept America. Indeed, as the Obama Presidency nears its conclusion, America has never been more politically divided. His response to mass-shootings, although fruitless in terms of passed legislature, has alienated gun-owners, and his success in passing Obamacare has alienated more-or-less all Republican voters. The vast majority of Americans, including those who voted for him in 2008, are disappointed that his Presidency has failed to live up to the hype for change that dominated his electoral victory. The result; Americans, more than ever, want real change that the establishment has repeatedly failed to provide.
Donald Trump is currently incredibly popular across the board. Many pundits are predicting that, if selected as the GOP candidate, Trump will win 25% of the African-American vote. If accurate, this would be the highest percentage of the black vote that a Republican candidate has received in modern times; McCain received 4% in 2008, Bush received 11% in 2004. For decades, the Democrats have had a monopoly on the black vote. Yet despite being portrayed as a racist and a bigot by much of the media, Donald Trump is receiving the minority vote at recently unprecedented levels. 

The cry of racism and bigotry is a uniquely left-wing debate tactic. Many Americans are growing sick of this, and are becoming politically aware enough to realise the inaccuracy of such accusations. And while the left continues to be the boy who cried racist, Donald Trump is claiming to have the answers to genuine issues, the causes of which are, all too often, politically incorrect. Donald Trump wants to kick out illegal immigrants and build a wall across the US-Mexico boarder. Regardless of the fact that the notion that Mexico will pay for the wall is laughable, and deporting all illegal immigrants would be unconstitutional if done at the rapid pace that Trump promises, such words coming from the mouth of someone running for President is music to many ears. Whereas the left cry racist at these promises, illegal immigration punishes the poorest in American society, that is, unskilled workers on or close to minimum wage.  Additionally, unlike the President, Trump is willing to use the term 'Islamic Extremist' or 'radical Islamic terrorism'. He is willing to use the term 'Islamic' when addressing Islamic terrorism. The result has been the left, the publication Salon, for example, to brand Trump Islamophobic. This is exactly what an increasing amount of Americans are getting tired of. Considering there is a refugee crisis coming from the middle east, a crisis caused by radical Islamic terrorism, it is understandable that Americans would feel safer with a President that is at least willing to use the term. 

Despite all of this, the left are unwavering in their bullying tactics. 

Love him or hate him, the Trump is a by-product of the left. It would be in their best interests to begin arguing with facts rather than fear mongering and lies.


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Our news outlets have become terrified of offence, caving in to the demands of the social and keyboard worriers who cry islamophobia, transphobia,  racism and bigotry at any news or event that makes them even the slightest bit uncomfortable.  

Andy Gray was fired for making a joke about a female linesman off the air. The retaliation to Charlie Hebdo attacks was a discussion of whether or not the magazine was racist. The West are blamed for the rise of ISIS in the Middle East. This blog opposes the politically correct, and frankly, factually incorrect dialogue that dominates our political discourse. 

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